in october

September 5, 2009

Two shows in Chicago, including some of these portraits. See “far and near” for details.


quentin tarantino

August 23, 2009


[River East, Chicago]

howard a. rodman

August 14, 2009

Howard A. Rodman

[Park City, Utah]

about the show

July 28, 2009

“you want to travel blind” was suggested by a conversation with my friend RM about Leonard Cohen’s song, “Suzanne.” (“And you want to travel with her/ And you want to travel blind/ And you know that she will trust you/ For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind.”)

The title suited because of the photographs here of people looking away, but also of the idea of making the selection non-hierarchical; no one was identified in the show proper, only at this site.

Of the 20 images shown, approximately half were Chicago-associated and half from other parts of the world; the same approximate ratio applied to men and women.

The prints are 10×15. Inquiries to pride [at] moviecitynews

liz tapp

July 15, 2009

liz tapp

Liz stands in front of “Ride With The Sun,” by Chris Roberson.

[Damen Avenue above Thomas Street, Chicago]

jessi lee

July 1, 2009


Jessi stands against the back wall of the Rainbo Club.

[Damen Avenue above Haddon Street, Chicago]

vasilis economou, john malkovich, russ smith

Mr. Malkovich considers Mr. Smith’s wisdom. [Not pictured: Mr. Mudd.]

[John Cassavetes Cinema, Provlita, Thessaloniki, Greece]

pierce brosnan

June 20, 2009


[Eccles Theater, Kearns Boulevard, Park City, Utah]

luc dardenne

June 20, 2009


takeshi kitano

June 19, 2009

takeshi kitano

[Olympion Theatre, Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki, Greece]